Private Office (2 - 50 pax)

Our fully serviced office suites are perfect for companies and teams who need their own private space and the enhanced perks that come with it, but still wish to be part of our greater community and have full access to the all that the space offers.

Focus On Your Business

When we say serviced office, we mean it!

We take care of all the little details of operating and running an office, so that all you have to do is turn up and focus on your company and it's growth.

From complimentary tea, coffee & fruit water with regular cleaning, to printing and scanning stations, communal areas and kitchens, and a support team on standby, we make it easy for you to focus on your work and what's important to you!

Elevate Your Work

Our beautiful space has been designed to let you and your team get on with focused and elevated work.

This is why we provide a variety of facilities. It doesn't just stop at easy-to-book board and meeting rooms or pop-in Zoom rooms for that quick virtual call - we also have a thinking room with wall-to-wall whiteboards for a team brainstorming session as well as a quiet library room and a meditation room for that peace and reset time.

Balance Work With Wellness

We all know the important of balancing your hard work with health & wellness.

That's why we offer a great selection of on-site facilities so you or your team don't have to move far to check in and remain healthy.

We have an on-site gym & wellness studio, a modern rooftop cafe-bar, and even an on-site spa service!

Connection And Community

One of the most exciting things about a shared workspace is the community aspect.

We believe new perspectives, great ideas and new projects are formed through connection and networking, and our space is designed to ensure this element remains constant when you become a part of our community.

We also organize networking and business events with Nairobi's greater dynamic business community - joining Jenga Leo means you also join a vibrant and energetic professional movement!

Office On Your Terms

In today's dynamic and fast moving world, we believe it is important to offer flexibility when it comes to choosing how you want to work.

Not only do you have a lot of choice, but you can switch to another package easily. We move with your any of the larger shifts that happen with the size of your team.

Meeting And Conference Space

We have a great range of meeting room and conference room space which can accommodate sizes 2 all the way up to 40 people and be tailored to various uses - whether it be a simple interview or a sophisticated product launch cocktail party.