Just The Right Amount Of Office.

Imagine your workspace. Colourful, open, freshly draped in office plants, free coffee or tea on tap, and a diverse network of professionals with similar mindsets to yours, hard at work in lounges, hot desks, and outside patio areas.

Jenga Leo understands that the future of work is all about flexibility and choice. We believe each team and each person knows best how they wish to balance work into their schedule and other commitments. That’s why we offer flexible and unique packages and programs.

Day Pass

Our workplace system allows you to choose where you sit, anytime you want on an ad hoc basis. Show up, plug-in and work for the day, taking advantage of all our amenities and services without the risk of the commitment to real estate fees. Great if you need a break from your normal place of work. Fantastic if you need a professional setting for the day and wish to connect with our larger community.

Includes Free Gym Session During Off Peak Hours (10am - 4pm)
1 Day - Ksh 990 + vat
5 Days - Ksh 4,450 + vat
10 Days - Ksh 8,250 + vat
*Multiple day passes to be used within 30 days from purchase

Jenga Gold

Perfect for freelancers and remote workers – quiet areas to focus and work and breakout areas to network and mingle! Take advantage of community facilities, private Zoom rooms and a space designed to bring out your best work.

Early Bird Special! Ksh 15,000 + VAT per desk monthly

Jenga Platinum

For teams or individuals who love the dynamic nature of shared workspaces, Jenga Platinum provides a desk with your name on it in a private room. But you get the best of both worlds – you are welcome to use the open spaces as well as take advantage of perks like free meeting room hours.

Early Bird Special! Ksh 18,500 + VAT per desk monthly