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‘Jenga Leo’
Literal translation from Swahili: ‘Build Today’

Jenga Leo offers magnificent ecosystem-driven amenities. Draped in office plants, traditional decor, coffee on tap, and a diverse network of professionals with similar mindsets hard at work in lounges, hot desks, and outside patio areas.

The workday’s new look is best captured in coworking spaces, and the rise of these shared offices in cities is showing no signs of decline.When it came to cultivating our workspace community, we considered hospitality as much as productivity enhancements & that is why we offer so many amenities like, gym, yoga studio and cafe bar at a great price.  More than a trend, we are fuelled by helping drive positive changes in work culture, that is why we are called Jenga Leo, “Build Today”.


You get more than an office. You get comfort and peace of mind. You know you can focus on what truly matters as everything else gets taken care of.

Kenya Meeting Room


Connection is in-built into our place by purposeful design – break out rooms, think rooms, meeting rooms and conference facilities. Jenga Leo helps to break the barriers between people, businesses and careers.

Elevated Spaces

We believe that an elevated space leads to successful work. That’s why we offer a wide spectrum of facilities to help you achieve your best – meditation room, quite zones, booths, a sky deck & much more.

Yoga Class

Fitness & Wellness

Holistic health is a priority today. Our space not only comes with an on-site gym and wellness studio, but also encourages you to not stay at your desk all day. You can even treat yourself to a mid-day spa session.

Amenities & Services